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Authorised distributor for Semiconductor Device manufacturers and Electronics Component Maker

Established in Singapore since 1993, Kogen Singapore has been servicing the electronics industry for many years in the South Asia market. Over the years, Kogen Singapore has added more product lines to serve various customers in the region and is continuing to expand its product portfolio.

ASEAN countries in South Asia

Headquarter in Taipei under Koryo Electronics, there are various sales offices in the Asia countries including Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

We specialise in demand creation for our manufacturing partners and servicing the OEMs, ODMs, and EMS companies.

Product Line Card

Current line card including:

Solutions Offering

All the semiconductor devices and electronics components Kogen Singapore carry and represent aim to serve a particular customer needs and solving their problems. Kogen Singapore continue to find suitable devices and components to fulfill customer requirements.


Feel free to contact us whenever you have any question on our product at marketing@sg.koryo.biz and we will response to you in our soonest time.

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Feel free to visit our alternative website at http://kogen.com.sg for other products we are marketing currently.

About Us

Established in Singapore since 1993 and HQ in Taipei and major in distributing semiconductor devices and electronics components in the electronics industry.


Distributor for Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductors and Devices

Kogen Singapore was established in Singapore since 1993 and has been the authorised distributor for Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductors and devices since then. With many years of experiences in marketing and distributing Mitsubishi Electric products, Kogen Singapore is able to provide efficient, reliable products and services to OEM and ODM companies in the market. Based in …

Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Devices

Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Devices have been in the market for many years and supporting various industry for technology development. Power Devices: Mitsubishi Electric has various types of Power devices, including IGBT modules, DIPIPM, IPM, Transistor Array. Majority of the power devices are manufacturing in Japan. Optical Devices: With wide adoption of internet connection, Mitsubishi has …

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